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Cancel subscription

I want to cancel my subscription but I can find anything or any way to do this on the website. Very aggravating.

Hi Grady,

May I ask why ?

From what I can see you have a FREE Silver Membership which allows you access to three top class lessons of your choice and access to this forum. There is no obligation to subscribe to a Gold Pick Membership.

So why not stick around for a little while longer. You never know @BanjoBen may just grow on ya…


Hey Grady, the reason why you can’t find a way to cancel is because you’re logged in with your yahoo address which is a free account. It seems you created another account with a Gmail address that is a Gold Pick membership. You’ll need to log in with that one–actually I’ll just cancel it for you. I hope to have you back one day!


Hello Grady. Hope you’re back soon. I too, let my subscription run-out a couple years ago, mostly because work kept me way too busy, but I’m glad that I came back. I found that my rate of learning has accelerated so much due to the outstanding quality of the instruction and written Tabs. While I’ve spent a lot of money on quality instruments etc., the cost of quality instruction is the cheapest thing (Cost / Value) I’ve ever put in my Gig-Bag and has had the most leverage in making me a better player.

All the best to you and …HAPPY PICKING!!! :wink:


Lifetime membership is the only way to go. I definitely go through long spells where I’m not doing any lessons, I’m in one right now. But that one time investment paid for itself a few years ago and I never have to worry about a month or two or three passing where I paid for something I didn’t use.


Completely agree. Similar was my case before but a little different now though with more time for music.