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Can Someone Name this Chord

Can someone tell me what this chord is called? It’s an F triad moving the F up to F#. Thank you for any help?

What Chord is this?

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F#dim (without the 6 that would be in the full chord).

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Think I got it. I thought it would still be called an F something. So, does that me that I can make any triad chord diminished by lowering the 3 and 5 one half step?

I always thought a diminished was formed by lowering the 5 and 7 one half step.

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Yep, diminished is made up of 1, b3, b5, and 6. You can also have “half diminished” (also known as min7b5), which would be 1, b3, b5 and b7.

1, 3, b5 and b5 would be “dominant 7 flat 5” (I believe that’d be written as 7b5).

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Wow! I got it, but I’m sure I’ll forget it by tomorrow. Nice to have this as permanent documentation though. Thanks Mark.

Haha! Let me know if you have any more questions. Theory is definitely one of my favorite areas of music study :nerd_face:

Same here. There are times when I’ve sat and daydreamed about theory, but you know a heck of a lot more about it than me…thanks again.

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Kinda looks like “bear claw” to me.