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For years my wife and I have been cheating. We have been “glamping” in a comfortable trailer or motor home for 30 years. At bluegrass festivals, we would take hot showers, have our own toilet and sleep 4 feet off the ground on a real mattress, with air-conditioning running if needed.
But our current travel trailer had a bad winter last year and the floor got soft from water seepage. So we invested in a decent tent and a few other camping necessities and are going out to Cherry Springs State Park to spend the best part of a week under the darkest skies on the east coast.
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This is primitive camping (pit toilet, single water faucet coming out of the ground ). The weather should be cool during the day and near freezing at night. But I am still excited to see skies like above after a year without a vacation.
Anything I should definitely not forget to bring?


If camping near the car, bring everything you might possibly desire. If backpack camping, take only what you can’t live without. Also get current info on conditions if packing. I once carried enough water for 6 people days up a 2500 foot elevation gain only to find out the spring on top was running (grrrr.)

Specifics things you might want to take assuming near the car… A nerf football, plenty of light sources (I like the inflatable solar recharging lanterns), toilet paper, paper towels, plastic grocery bags, supplies for s’mores, camp instruments (that can handle freezing temps), a tarp, camprest pads, pillows, layers for clothing, campsuds, snack foods, cooking supplies if needed (fuel, pans), wet weather gear, extra socks and undies, a camp hammock if you have it, some thin rope for hanging food, personal toiletries (toothbrush, etc.). I like bringing stuff to “really” cook the first night.

Things to bring if backpacking: sleeping bag, water to get to the site and trail mix. I guess the sleeping bag is optional :slight_smile:

Have a great time!!!


The first thing I think of is a gun, but that’s just me :joy:


Don’t forget a camp shovel to dig a trench around the tent—nothing worse than waking up wet when it rains.

But the most important thing I’d need is my credit card to pay for the hotel when my wife decided she’d had enough of roughing it. :grin: Seriously, enjoy the beautiful surroundings!


Sense of humour-Seriously have a good time!


We are camping near our car. Our current list includes: Large tent, 2 cots with pads and good sleeping bags, shower tent, rechargeable shower pump and 5 gallon bucket, canopy, gas double burner stove, food with huge cooler, cooking gear, 2 anti-gravity lounge chairs, 2 plywood guitars, 5 gallon fresh water container with spigot, TP, trash bags, stuff to make camp fires, lots of layers of clothes, rain gear, rechargeable battery pack, Med kit, binocs, warming liquid, and a smile. The credit card will be in the wallet in case of any change of mind or weather.


I’d recommend a sturdy hatchet for splitting firewood, and hand warmers are great to have if it gets cold. Also, make sure you have a slightly undersized tarp or footprint for the tent. And never forget the paracord, knife, or duct tape!

Have a great time!


Is this a test, ha. Did anyone mention your Bluegrass Instruments… Sounds like your gonna have a great time!


Check , check and check


Stargazing sounds like tons of fun. I saw the Elliot Ness museum is close too, which might be cool.

I grew up a straight shot east, in Susquehanna county. One thing for sure, not only are the nights cold at this time, but it gets very damp also.

Morning routine could well be, do your business, run to the car and crank on the heat. :grin:

Should you decide to back to “glamping”, I have a 34 foot fifth wheel for sale that is relatively close.

Can send details if you or anyone would like.


Bug spray. A few of them positioned around the camp or on your person. If you’ll be out more than a couple days a solar shower is hard to beat (especially if you will be using the bug spray). Coffee percolator makes especially good tasting coffee on a frosty morning.

Oh yeah, toilet paper.


Not camping it’s home from home :wink:


Am I the only one that thought this was going to be a confessional? :laughing:


Always good to chuck in a first aid kit if not already mentioned, even the best can have accidents. Oh and I recommend bringing a multitool preferable a Leatherman


Oh and by the way, a bright headlamp is invaluable at night. Way better than a flashlight if you need both hands free.