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Camping banjo

When I upgraded to my new twanger, I saved my Savannah banjo for camping, but am not sure on how to care for an instrument on a camping trip how do you? Thanks


I purchased my first banjo in 1976. An Alvarez Whyte Eagle arch top. It has been camping, to bluegrass festivals, and left in the back seat of the car through many different season. The stories it would tell if it could talk…

The banjo is in very good shape but the case is beat up. I think a good instrument is tougher than we think.


Shade is your friend.

Avoid excessive heat & moisture & drastic fast temp changes, and you should be good to go.


Great thanks, I’m not really a tent person do you think just leaving the case(with instrument)lying around the forest floor, would be ok or would a heavy trash bag be helpful?

That would all depend on the case type and your feelings toward small scuffs/scratches, dirt, etc.

I would recommend closing (& latching) the case if you have the instrument out…don’t want leaves, sap, dirt, etc. on the inside…


I try to get the moss out of the flange, but sometimes don’t have to. Just depends on where I’m paddling.



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