Calling All Pickers, Anytown USA



Casting call for the next Gold Picker of the Week!

If you love playing the guitar, mandolin or banjo and think you may just have something to share with your fellow pickers, let us know.

Maybe you aren’t the next Earl Scruggs or Alan Munde but you sure love to play. It’s all good! Let your fellow pickers learn more about you to encourage or celebrate what you’ve done, or maybe you’ve learned something that you want to show. We’d love to feature you and share a little about your journey of how you got into pickin’ and playin’.


Where do I sign up?


Send an email to


Please forgive my ignorance, but does it matter what the email says or is “hey I’d like to be gpotw” sufficient?


Your email should say this: “Gold Picker-picker, Gold Picker-picker, pick me a gold pick!”. :wink: just gold pickin’ on you… sorry.


:joy: :roll_eyes: