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Cabin Camp

Hi Ben, just a note to say THANK YOU to you, Hannah and the staff at Cabin Camp last weekend. The experience was a treasure that I will keep in my heart until I return to refill my memories next year. One thing you need to know, the music knowledge I was given was the secondary part of camp. The best gift I received at camp was the fellowship and making new friends. I believe the men I had in my band were handpicked by God and given to me. These men are faith based, Godfearing men of God. I laughed when Gene asked if it would be okay if he prayed over the band. I closed my eyes and thanked God for allowing me to be there in Tennessee and bringing these great men into my life.
Ben, whether you know it or not, you are doing Gods work and bringing people closer to God. Thank you again for all you do. I had a wonderful time!

God Bless,
Stephen Rhea (aspiring banjo player)


Great post Steven. I felt the same way. Kindred spirits all --teaching, learning and making music. If anyone has doubts about going to a camp please put that aside and sign up and go! It’s a treasure for sure!!


I just forwarded this message to my entire staff–this is why we do what we do. Thank you, friend. Hope to see you back in Tennessee before too long!


I feel the same way Steve! What a weekend!! The music was great and I definitely learned a lot. Some areas were a refresher, and some were a definite stretcher for me. But the highlight was my new “pickin’ pals” I made from all over the U.S. Looking forward to the reunion tour of the great Bluegrass Band “I Can’t Tell You”!



I fully agree Steve- the thing I like most about camp is being around people like you guys. It’s tough for me to describe the impact it has. Stay in touch!, Band #2.


I hope I can go someday!! I’m waiting for one to come to Savannah! :musical_note:


Hello band #2, and others. Sorry, “I can’t tell you” the band name…its slips my mind at the moment.

I find it so interesting that men have such a hard time opening up and talk with others. Everyday, men wake up to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, we all need a break from the everyday pressures. At camp, I didn’t have any weight. Driving down the backroads to Hannah’s house (Ben’s too). I felt the weight of my family business and personal life just disappear.
Meeting the great group of guys that were there, is just what the doctor ordered.
I returned home and my wife said, “your like a new guy, what happened?” I hope ya’ll felt the same way.

I look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Best to all,


I’m so sad it’s over and I have to go back to normal life.


Amen Steve, It was awesome being in band number 2 with you! Your are spot on that the fellowship is the best part of camp. The instruction is great! but the true blessing is being around such giving people like Ben, Hannah, Penny, Katy, and all the staff. Hope to see you soon at another camp!.


I agree with you all. Band number 2 wasn’t the best band Saturday Night but we were winners. I brought home a lot more than I could ever say. Thanks to all who played a part in Banjo Camp.


Yes!!! I couldn’t agree more Stephen! This has been a deeply rewarding experience not only from the music knowledge gained but more importantly the friendships that have come from this experience. Ben, you are touching so many lives in a positive way that any words I can express would not be enough. I can’t wait to come back! Really hard going back to the real world after this experience but have something to look forward to in another camp.
God bless you, your family and staff.
Mike Lockhart (another aspiring banjo player)


Hey Michael! Glad you made it to the forum!

It’s so inspiring to read all of these positive experiences and know that it wasn’t just me. This was my 3rd camp to attend (4th if you count the back to back camps last year) and every time it’s the same thing.

Ben does an incredible job setting the stage, and I thoroughly appreciate everything that goes in to making the camp a success, but one of the most important ingredients in every camp so far for me has been the campers. You’re all just good people. As a naturally shy person, it’s exciting to find myself coming out of my shell at camp. I can’t wait to get to know new people, which is a big deal for me. I love listening to the stories and learning from everyone… and not just about music. Heck, Jeff Watts @5-StringPilgrim was schooling me on some stock trading strategies this time.

The cool part about that is that I take a piece of that back home with me every time. I find myself interacting more with people at my client sites, at grocery stores, in life in general. I can’t imagine that that’s just how it is a bluegrass camps. There’s something extra special about this one.


Great post @Coal_Miners_Grandson! Camp is an awesome experience, and I am thankful for all the friendships I have made.