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Buzzing 21st fret on high D string

I have Deering Sierra that I recently bought from a good friend of mine. The high d string buzzes on the 21st fret and I have no idea what to do about it. Everything else sounds great. Anyone know where I need to start?

The Steve Huber videos might help.

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Yeah I’ve watched all those but it’s been a while. It’s just weird to me that it’s only one string and one fret. I’ve checked head tension and changed the strings twice but that’s all I’ve done to it.

I to have been suffering fret buzz on my RK on the 3rd fret and did a test with a straight edge and found that one side was high which is defo causing my fret buzz so try that

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Winter can really mess up an instrument. May be it’s time to put it in the shop, if the videos don’t work out.

I just had to have a repair done, and I’m all but certain dry air was the cause.

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What did you do to fix it?

Yeah I hear you on the dry air. It is possible it could be an issue because we do get some temps in 20’s from time to time, so dry outside air = dry indoor conditions. However we don’t have a ton of wether like that, and I would say we have a lot more 60 degree rainy days than we do 20 degree days. In the end I may have to take it somewhere to get it looked at.

Im trying to get the RK dealership to sort it for me and their reply was to get in touch with the store where i bought it from as they hold the Warranty for it. If i get no joy i will get a local luthier to sort for me as i believe its not a big job


Well that does give me an idea… Deering has a lifetime warranty, so maybe they could at least give some direction. I’m not sure if the warranty is transferable though. I think I’m the third owner.

It’s worth a try pal just drop them an email

I found the entire maintenance manual on their website today. After reading it, I really think my issue is related to one high fret, possibly due to changes in temp. I may have to get a pro to fix it.

It’s a simple job for someone with the tools to do it pal :+1:

Hi @Bcaves Brandon. Just realised your in Georgia, you might care to drop Geoff Hohwald a quick email or give him a call. I am pretty sure he is in Atlanta and he should be able to offer some local advice on who can fix your frets. Geoff was a big help to me when I was getting started. A really nice guy and very approachable.

Thank you Archie. I’ll shoot him a line.

Be sure to tell him IO was asking after him.

Assessing a wayward fret can be easy. Take a 6" stainless straightedge ruler and slide it over the frets in that area. If the ruler rocks a bit over the troubled fret and if you can see that it has lifted a tiny bit off the fretboard, you can then test whether the fret can be seated back where it belongs. A little drop of superglue at that spot can help keep it down. If you just can’t talk sense into that fret or if it needs filing/re-crowning, then a trip to the fret doctor might be necessary.