Buffalo Gals Guitar Contest!


Most contests are out of reach for beginners, but not this one! Closely follow the instructions below to be entered!

Contest Lesson: Buffalo Gals Build-a-Break for Guitar Link
Contest Submission Deadline: Wednesday, 30 May, at 11:59PM Central


  1. US residents only (for prize purposes, unless you agree to pay shipping). See FAQ section below.
  2. Video submissions must allow me to hear and see you play.
  3. Must submit video link (via email, contact form, or posted here) by Wednesday, 30 May, at 11:59PM Central.
  4. To be entered, play through all 3 solos in the tab at the MP3 speed of your choice (120/170/200BPM).
  5. Use one of the jam tracks on the lesson page to record with. The speed doesn’t matter–you choose!
  6. Winner will receive a Bluechip flatpick of their choice from those shown HERE, a set of guitar strings, and a case sticker, a $50 value!
  7. Winner to be announced both here and on facebook Thursday, 31 May.
  8. All contest participants give permission for me to possibly share their name, general location, and video submission both here and to social media.


  • Do I have to be a Gold Pick member? A: No, you can unlock the individual lesson with a single purchase.
  • Do I have to use a JamTrack MP3 from your site to play along with? A: Yes, I want to encourage use of that resource for practice.
  • Does it matter which speed MP3 I choose to play along with? A: No, you may use any of the 3 speeds.
  • Do I have to play the solos perfectly? A: No, but you must play my solos from the tab. I’ll be able to tell if you’re attempting to play my tab. Do your best, but it’s okay to submit videos with mistakes!
  • How do I submit my video? A: Easiest way is to upload it to YouTube, then email me the link or post it here by the deadline. You can also submit a shared DropBox link, etc.
  • How are the winners chosen? A: I will take all eligible entries and enter them into a randomizer application that will select 3 winners.
  • Is shipping included if I win? A: Yes, if you are a resident of the United States. You may enter from abroad, but you are then responsible for shipping costs if you win.

    If you have questions, please submit them below. I’ll answer them in an edit of this post and delete your post so that entries only will be shown below.

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Perry Dunn with the first entry!



Here’s my entry. Please ignore the severely out-of-tune B string. I was paying attention to the tabs, not the tuning :rofl:


Here is my attempt for the contest. I apologize for the low volume on the guitar. Feedback is very welcome. Enjoy!


I’m a digital immigrant so I hope this works for entering the contest.



Man look at all of these great entries! It’s a good thing you chose not to judge this contest, Ben. I don’t know how you’d pick the best one.


Mason Valentine:




Here’s my entry…


I just learned of the competition about an hour ago. Fun one! Here’s my quick attempt:


I was hoping to clean up my entry tonight but I’m working late today. Here is my best attempt so far. Thanks Ben this was fun!
Brandon Caves - Gray, GA


Yvonne Goldsmith from Anchorage


Ed Wiley, a goat farming comedian, from south Georgia:



Kenneth Snyder Contest Entry


Peter Thiessen


Isaiah Mahlstedt

He sent me the vid last night via dropbox so I put it up this morning.


Great job to all the contestants! I have a doc appointment this morning then will have a facebook live video announcing winners today at noon central, and also announce here: facebook.com/thebanjoben


Congrats to Isaiah Mahlstedt, Michael Fisher @Fisherbros , and Peter Theissen! You can see the live facebook video where I picked the winners here

I’ll send an email to the winners today! Thank you all for entering, and we’ll do a mandolin contest this next week!


Congrats guys! That was a heck of a turn out considering it was a holiday weekend.