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Hey Ben,

on your BanjoBen banjo, what kind of bridge is that you are using?

I have an old bone and ebony bridge on my banjo and I am wanting to change it up after many years to something different that would change my sound a little bit.

I was wondering what kinds of bridges do you like?



Hi Dean, @BanjoBen plays several different banjos during his lessons. If you can identify which banjo your looking at I am sure he would be better able to answer your query

I know a lot of folks around the General Store like the Snuffy Smith bridges. Jake talked me in to the JD Crowe spacing on the Snuffy I bought and I have loved it.

Years ago Snuffy set up my Whyte Eagle. He installed a bridge and head. When the Twanger arrived I pulled out my other two banjos and started testing. In the end the Blades bridge had the sharpest tone. The Snuffy Smith was a close second. I ordered a second Blades bridge just to have an extra to swap out. Next rainy day I may put a Snuffy bridge on the Twanger.


Thanks to you all for replying to my post. What is the difference between a compensated bridge and the regular in line bridge besides looks?

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Hi Dean, I have no idea, I tried one on my banjo years ago but apart from looks I didn’t hear anything different

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I use Snuffy Smiths a lot and also the Scorpion bridges are awesome, used by tons of pros: