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Bridge Height changes/right hand playing

At time 2:46 Bela answers the question of a new bridge. He says that with a new bridge the strings are higher and you have to get used to a different hand position and how you strike the strings. Though I do not want to question a mega pro like Bela does it cause that drastic of a change? Can’t be more than a few thousands of an inch.

Just thought was interesting.

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I know that there’s a drastic change in my playing between a 1 3/4" and 1 11/16" nut width on guitar. I can get used to the narrower nut width, but my playing never feels as good.


I always wondered if playing is impacted between and archtop and a flattop. The questions are numerous and the answers few. Like Augustine debating the Trinity.

More confidence about where your fingers are gonna land?

Like cutting re-treads on an old trucks tires. :sunglasses:

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