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Bratty Index Finger


Hey all,

Was sharing an idea. Sometimes my index finger acts like that bratty toddler at the mall who needs a good spanking because he keeps getting away from the family. So I do what most do today instead of a good spanking and put a leash on it.

Seriously, playing sometimes the least little “fly away finger” motion will cause me to miss the second string and sometimes it will cause me to hit the first string by accident. This solution seems to help some. Its still in the trial run. I’m hoping in time I can take it off and my finger will have the muscle memory.

Keep us posted on how this works out for you…

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That’s some creative problem solving, right there. Looking forward to your reports.

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Now that’s thinking outside the box! I commend you! One suggestion, if I may be so bold. Watch Ben’s “picking your picks” video. I think he’s got a great solution, and it has to do with how the surface of your picks strike the strings. Still, it will probably take some adapting.

Thanks. I do believe the surface of the picks are striking flat on surface of the pick. My issue is it isn’t striking at all. lol.

As an update I played some tonight and I did good. The only issue is getting that finger back to the third or even fourth string in the case of say one of the rolls in Hot Corn Cold Corn when the index finger strikes the 4th string. Rare time that index does that. But just have to adjust the rubber band some. So far so good.


Bob, I want to say this with much sensitivity. Especially since you’re a much better banjo player than me.
If you’re picks are striking flat, while wearing them straight, you’re probably bending your wrist to the right and setting yourself up for wrist pain as you age. I have the same issue on my left wrist from playing guitar wrong and is a big part of the reason I play mostly banjo now. Much less pain. Still, do what works best for you, and I welcome any comments or criticism to my comments. I wish good things for you on your banjo journey. Jack.

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BRAVO @Treblemaker - for your well-intentioned but sensitive reply.

Having people like you on this forum is what draws me back time and time again. I so value the ways that we support each other and the ways that we are always looking to improve our playing - struggles and Joys alike.

Whether the advice is taken or not, you can be proud at the spirit of the intent and sharing!

Job well done sir!


You can call me Jason, but Bob will do. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the advice. I don’t feel its an odd angle. Perhaps the way the fingers are in the pic. I’ll try to send out a pic later from a different angle. I do value all thoughts.

Jason, Sorry about getting your name wrong. At 58, that’s definitely not the last time that will happen. :roll_eyes:

Finger with picks

Here are pick positions. Really not much more than Bens in his video. Thanks for looking!


Much appreciated. And right back at ya.

Thanks Jason. From this angle, I believe I see more angle. I’m considering changing my Nickname from Treblemaker to “The Pick Nazi”. Good idea?



Ya Ya das is gute.

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