Brand New Kentucky KM-650 Mandolin


Price: $800
Includes: Boulder Gig Bag, Professional setup by Jake at the Banjo Ben General Store, free shipping to lower 48 states, 3 months Gold Pick membership ($75 value!)
Only one left in stock! This thing is sweet.


Aha! The missing km-650 video I couldn’t find! @BanjoBen, this is the one I was referring to on the km150 general store thread. Shouldn’t this video go on the store?


I think we didn’t because of the background/presentation.


Ah, ok, that makes sense


What is that first tune Jake plays? Is it a tune or just an exercise?


Wow good question, I just listened and couldn’t tell. I bet @Jake knows


I was just thinking as I was watching: with the window and lamp being in the background and Jake in the foreground, it reminded me of Willy Wonka when the room got smaller.:joy:



I asked Jake and he said he doesn’t know, that it’s some type of exercise, perhaps. It sounds like a tune to me, but I can’t place it.


thanks guys, it sounded kinda nice, just curious.


To me, it sounded like he was playing a scale in thirds, got bored, and merged it with over the waterfall


Cool! I am new to the gold pick membership. I do not own a mandolin but intend on purchasing soon.
In reviewing instruments online I thought I would have to spend twice the price of this one to get something decent. Mandolins are NOT cheap!
Its great to access advise from seasoned professionals. Thanks!