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Hi All

I have a GoldTone CC-R100 + and as far as i’m aware it has no flange… My question is does the flange make a huge difference?

I don’t have access to a music shop near me to try a good range of Banjo’s so i really don’t know if this banjo is a keeper or not… or do i move on to something with a flange so i don’t get to used to this banjo…


I may be wrong, but as far as I know, the flange is just for holding on the resonator. I don’t think it greatly affects the sound, and it certainly doesn’t affect the playability.

Someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

seems a lot of decorative metal work to replace the 4 screws i have holding the resonator on the CCr-100 …lol

I agree with Mark. My banjo (admittedly cheap) doesn’t have one either, and it doesn’t effect the sound (afaik) a flange would keep you from dropping your picks into the resonator though

Thanks DS

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That Goldtone will be fine to learn on. At a certain point you may want a banjo that will be louder and will growl and crack. Then you’ll want to look at something that resembles a Gibson Mastertone. It’s not just the flange but the whole combination of pieces of wood and metal that contribute to the sound. But the flange is an integral part of that design.



Thanks for the explanation and hopefully I will progress far enough that I can look at something better in the future