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Bluechip 'like' diy thumbpick

I tried lots of thumbpick and Fred Kelly’s suit me well, but I also liked the bluechip a lot. The only trouble I had, I don’t know why but they always seemed to dull the tone because of that little twist/angle at the end of the pick. So I decided to make my own. As I understand it, BC picks are made from dupont delrin. So I got hold of some and used an old Fred Kelly as the band and sculpted the pick from Delrin. Works well for me. :wink:


While I am scary impressed by what you did, I know what would happen if I tried it.
After $100 of trial-and-error, I would be sporting a second-rate pick.

Just curious, what does the inside look like?
Mine’s got the letter “JD.”
I think it stands for “Just Doit.”
If there really is something called "your permanent record, I hope it doesn’t stand for "Juvenile Delinquent. Maybe “Jury Duty.”
I guess I’ll find out on Judgement Day.:wink:


Are those just pop-rivets? What a great idea!


Not long ago a banjo player had broken a Bluechip guitar pick almost in half. I imagined that the bigger half could be fan-mangled just as you have done. Very nice.


Can I order one?
Another cool idea would be to engrave customized texts on it :heart_eyes:

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