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Blue chip picks

what is a favorite Blue Chip Pick for bluegrass guitar?

I don’t know about BC’s sales volumes, but I know quite a few who play the CT55. Ben likes and recommends the one with the single rounded corner (TP-1R). That is a great place to figure out what fits you, I like the smaller rounded triangles as well as the CT55.

I love the CT-55 and the TP40-1R!

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To be on the safe side, I would order a triangle pick with three different corners (points). One corner would be what they call the speed bevel (right hand usually), one corner would be rounded and the third corner would be a straight (or no bevel).

It took me about five Blue Chips before I figured out what I like which for my personal playing preference is an STP 50 with all straight (no) bevels. But that’s just me.

To actually answer your question, most people would prefer a TP size which I believe is kinda in the middle over an STP. And most would want the speed bevel for guitar or mandolin. An STP is much smaller. I like the smaller picks, I feel like I have more control and it just feels right to me. But as I said, the TP size is probably the most popular. I do also think the CT-55 (Chris Thile signature pick) is also very popular. It’s a TAD size which is their largest pick.

So, if you’re looking to purchase one, see if Ben can order you one with all three points. I don’t know why they just don’t offer that in the first place. It’s hard to lay down 35.00 for something you have no clue whether you’ll like or not. This way, with three different points, you’re sure to be covered. I think I just answered my own question (why they don’t offer the three different points)! I used to get them straight from Blue Chip (great folks btw), but I bet Ben could order one like that for you.

As far as thickness goes, choose one comparable to what you like and use now. Example: Let’s say a 1.4mm Dunlop Primetone is your choice of picks… go with a 50 or 55. The number on the pick is the thickness in thousands of an inch. So a 55 is 50/1000 which equals 1.4mm. A 50 is 1.25mm. I’ve been wanting to try their new 48 thickness pick.

If you already have Blue Chips and was just wondering what the most popular was, hopefully someone else can use this info as well. If you don’t have one, good luck and let us know what you decide on.



Thank you Ben and Jake and all with help choosing our blue chip picks. I originally was trying to choose one for hubby for a birthday gift and then decided to get myself an early birthday gift :grin:. We found the CT55 to be fav for my mandolin and the TP1R-40 for Steve on guitar, both Ben’s favorites and Jake favors the smaller TP1R as did Steve for same reason. They are perfect! Thank you again!
Steve and Lori

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