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Bill Cheatham (like Stealbacon, but different...)

About as sloppy as I could muster… I tried to learn Ben’s arrangement, but I couldn’t concentrate on his exact note choice (cuz I had just watched too much fiddle tunes on YT) so I figured out my own arrangement


Very nice job Gunnar! You’re hitting the majority of it with a good bounce, swinging it.

You’ve almost made good friends with one.,Just need time to define some of the runs and she’ll rock!

I was impressed that you kept time & held the meter really well, even plowed through the parts that your left hand wasn’t so confident on in a confident way.

Your work on your music is showing :notes:


Yes, what @Fiddle_wood said! I love that swing, and you’re pushing through the unsure parts and making it work! Great job!


@Dragonslayer, As I mentioned previously, Great Job winging it :+1:t2::blush:! (Posting my reply to your question here instead of YT…) Yes, I’m learning (trying to :rofl:) Ben’s intermediate version. I can play it fair looking at the tab, but without looking it still tends to train wreck :confounded:! I’m kinda in a musical cram session at the moment. Working on camp songs & this Wed. was asked to play mando (at another church) tomorrow eve (w group I played w last week) bc one of their guitar guys cant make it & the mando guy will be playing guitar… theres 16 songs on the list (breaks, backup & a couple of kickoffs)… at least I had a few days to work on it this time… I’m quite worked up about actually pulling it off though! Back to topic - I bet by time camp rolls around you’ve got this tune mastered :grin:!!!


Thanks y’all! The first time through I played it pretty clean, the second time I wanted to try to do something a little different, and it was a little different, but not exactly as snazzy as I wanted :joy::joy: still trying to work on some improv…