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Best thing about this site

Many things to choose from, but for this old dude it’s seeing all the younger kids. I think the music is going to live on. :+1:


Praise that this is a legacy… and I truly believe it is!

And people at all stages of life… and also from those of us who spread the joy.

To be honest, my 17-year-old Rock-Blues electric guitarist son had little to no interest when I started playing Bluegrass…

However, I have seen three subtle signs… Where he started to “evolve”!

  1. In spite of not being a Bluegrasser, he has always liked "Duelin’ Banjos (but how one couldn’t, I’ll never know as I was hooked from the time I saw Deliverance in the 1970s)
  2. He began to slowly morph from teasing me to suggesting (requesting?) Earl’s playing of Foggy Mountain Breakdown. Fascinating to me that he doesn’t care to hear others play it nearly as much as Uncle Earl… and as he has a “musician’s ear”, I think that is because he can hear the punch, drive and finesse of Earl’s playing as the master! My son now “pretends” to not be a fan… But then asks again (and I Always oblidge the request :wink:).
  3. He took a liking to Eefin - and he’s been taking to it pretty well… to where we may actually do an entry!

My point is that as I live up in Northern parts, this music is new to me and I knew nothing 5 years ago… but now, I and my son (a hidden fan) are taking to it!

THAT is a sample of the Legacy @BanjoBen is building… and now, with so many young people on the site, there is no end to the way this is rippling out into the future!

Side note: At the expense of embarrassing @BanjoBen, his humble approach and ability to allow the newest members and listeners in… to join in the fun… and drop the intimation and pretentiousness so often prevalent in musicians and performance - while highlighting the artistry is particularly engaging.

I personally have often felt that music is a universal language that allows for "conversations of ALL types… Simple to complex, basic to advanced, harmonious or solo… but EVERYONE can contribute!

So finally, I say that I agree wholeheartedly that this probably the best thing about the site.

@BanjoBen, I know you probably have heard the story about Bill Monroe being frightened that this music would die off as he was dying.

I want @BanjoBen to take note: Bill Monroe would be proud and so thankful for all you’ve given of yourself to build this - as yet, ongoing and growing legacy. It is through us, those who learn to play, that the music will grow and thrive. Being a fan is wonderful but being a player, student and teacher fulfills the analogy:

"Play a Bluegrass song for someone will be nice for for 5 minutes. Teach them Bluegrass lasts a LIFETIME!!! " - or something like that… :wink:


Second best is a tough call but that Mark R “Will the Circle” video is definitely a contender. I feel guilty, somehow, every time I view it and howl.