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Ben's back up tracks for lessons and speed

Hi folks,

the more time I spend on this web site the more I learn from all of you and Ben.

I have NEVER EVER used the back up tracks at various speeds. I listen to Ben’s intro and try to mimic that.

HOWEVER: I have to confess, I don’t know when or how to use them in whatever lesson I am on. Yeah, pretty dumb, I get it. You can laugh too I won’t be offended.

Ben, if you or anyone can show me or teach how to use them tools. Do you wait until you have the song perfect to even start the slowest? what is the best way??

I am RE - doing all of what I thought I knew to play an instrument and I am starting with the basics so any guidance is greatly appreciated. For years I only learned from books and audio and having this website is just an incredible teaching method. So, at 60 years old, I start over.


I am right where you are. I have not been utilizing all the tools available here. I haven’t been able to play since may due to a shoulder injury and surgery. I am starting back up though! Super excited! Also, nice to have an indoor activity during the dark winter months! Going through the songs and learning them slowly, then starting with the slowest song and playing along will help with keeping tempo (speed) and playing with another instrument. Speed is not just how fast you go but consistency throughout the piece, the more difficult parts and the easier parts. The practice tracks will help with that, too.
Best wishes, Peg


Personally, i wait until i have the general tune down pat to start with the backup tracks. before that, i play along with the slow video. I do not wait until i have it perfectly down pat, i think that having rhythm backup is a big part in helping you learn.

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Many times the slowest rhythm track may be still a bit too fast when you’re first learning, but that’s why I have the .tef tab files and recommend something like The Amazing Slowdowner to slow down the mp3 for your use.