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Ben your ankle

Ben does that mean you have a bad ankle…?

Yes, bad ankle and no arch in my right foot. It’s collapsing and I have to have a rebuild and arch construction.

My prayers are with you God slows us down some times to do His work./will Hope your sprits are raised as high as your arches …and that your back up on both feet soon


I have arch issues. I bought a set of really high arch inserts at Target. They are a hard plastic. Took a few days to get used to but after that have helped a lot. Sounds like you a littler farther down the road from just needing inserts but heres a link.

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How is the ankle??? You must be up and about as you are posting new lessons on the site !!!

Surgery is in 10 days. I’m working triple overtime to have lessons ready to post while I’m down for May-June.

May God extend his healing hand to your complete, successful and speedy recovery, Ben!

Until then, be peaceful in placing this into God’s capable hands!

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