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Ben whispers "you did it"

Has anyone ever noticed at the end of the 170bpm backing track for Keep On The Sunny Side, Ben whispers “you did it”?

The lesson is from four years ago so I was just curious if there was some significance to it or just one of those silly hidden things.

Yes, he was openly front masking. Robert Plant made him do it.


The story my mind makes up is that Ben had a particularly tough time recording that track and finally got it right. After spending 12+ hours on that last project of mine, it’s a pain I know all too well.


I just said those same words today after playing through @BanjoBen 's Advanced Lesson Arkansas Traveller for the first time. I have been working on this lesson for close on four months and it was beginning to wear me down.


Welcome back.

Hey, Archie came back! Good to see you, Archie!

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Didn’t realise I’d been missed, just been spending a lot of time with the family over the holiday.


You’re blessed. :+1:

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