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Ben on Tour

Hey Ben,

Do you see yourself ever touring again?

Though I’ve never been a musician of that caliber, I can’t think of many things that I think would be more fun.

I’m blessed to have had and still have a wonderful family life, but sometimes I just wonder.

What say you?


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That’s a good question that has a long answer. Touring is a big word that can mean a lot of different things. If was to ever tour again like I used to (300+ days/year), it would have to be on my terms. That sounds really cocky, but what I mean is that I’d have to be able to take family along when I wanted, be home when I wanted, etc. There are very few people in the world that have those options.

Would I like to go out and play music with people I love for good folks that want to listen? Absolutely, who wouldn’t? But again, that is a very, very rare combo. I could tour like that with my sisters, but I have a family to provide for and this website is the way the Lord provides that for now. Maybe one day!

I will say one last thing. I used to look at those $1,000,000+ tour buses and dream about riding on one and waking up in a different city each day, playing to thousands each night before loading back up. I was blessed enough to be one of the few to do that, and to do it for the #1 selling artist in the world. But at the end of the day, I missed home and what I could have there, so I quit. It might not be the best choice for everyone, but it was for me. I’m glad I quit.


Thank you. Nice to hear straight from the voice of experience on this one.


Maybe I am taking the conversation in the wrong direction, but that probably wouldn’t be a shock :slight_smile: It seems to me that we often get “wise advice” that just doesn’t quite pan out. For example, I suspect most people heard some version of “pursue what you love or enjoy, and that way you’ll love your work.” It sounds great, but in the end, work is always going to be work. Even if you love what you do as a profession, there will be hours, days, weeks, maybe even years when you are pulled to do something else. Making good music with people you love in front of an appreciative group of folks is great. But so is sitting on the couch with my wife and dog and watching a UK basketball game. I know a guy that LOVEs to tour. He not only tours with his 80’s rock group, he also plays for another group that doesn’t have their original guitarist. He flies back and forth to catch the two bands. For him, it seems to be his identity. Travel, play, party, rinse, lather, repeat. He really seems happy. Even if I had the talent to do what he does, I still can’t imagine enjoying that lifestyle. There are musicians that can balance family and travel, fame and humility, work ethic and fun, but I wouldn’t think being a travelling musician would be conducive to maintaining that balance.


I was surrounded by loads of guys who loved to tour. But you said something key…identity. There came a point for me where I had to determine what my identity actually was. I was trying to find my identity in that lifestyle. Ultimately my identity had to be found only in Christ as every other form of identity I sought left me dried up. When those priorities were rearranged for me, touring/fame/buses/TV/arenas lost all their shine. It was actually quite easy to quit.

Again, that’s me. I also know a few guys out on the road who have priorities straight and keep working. But even with them, it’s not their identity.


Very profound guys…I appreciate it. Though I’m a Christian myself, and I’m constantly accessing my personal walk with the Lord, I’m still often quite attracted to the things this broken world has to offer. And, I don’t feel too good about it. Hmmm. Conviction of the Holy Spirit? Heart not in the right place? Really need to get my act together and count my blessings? Not sure.


Ben I hear you on spending time with family. Other that my relationship with Christ there is nothing more important to me. In my line of work I could make lots more money traveling, but its not worth it to me. I am absolutely a home body, and want to be home with my family when I can. We only have a few years to have much influence on our kids, so we have to make this time count. If not, the worldly influence will be much greater than our influence. I love to hunt and fish and folks invite me from time to time on trips far away, I can’t do it anymore. I would rather spend that Saturday in a boat or in the woods with my kids. I don’t catch as many fish or harvest as much game as I used to, but it’s so much more fun!