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Ben Eldridge - Seldom Scene

Ben Eldridge kicks up a storm in this archive footage with Seldom Scene


One of my favorite bands with one of my favorite banjo pickers and my absolute favorite mando picker and tenor singer! Thanks for posting this, The Scene really hit the spot tonight!!

I first saw these guys at the Camp Springs NC Festival around 1974. I was just learning about the Bluegrass sound and then they blew me away! Hooked forever! Thanks for sharing the video

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Thanks for posting @Archie. I’ve been wanting to learn more about the Seldom Scene. This was timely.

Somewhat tangential, I was watching this the other day. The apple didn’t fall far from the talent tree…

Hi Guy’s thanks for your feedback. You know when it’s late at and I have to put my banjo to bed I’ll often spend an hour or two trawling YouTube vids and it always feels great when I stumble on a gem like this.

Thank’s Chris that was awesome man. A few more vids like that and @BanjoBen wont be able to cope with the flood of new Gold Pick membership applications.

So Ben Eldridge is your kin ?

No. The guitarist in the Wildwood Flower video is Chris Eldridge. He is Ben’s son, a former member of The Infamous Stringdusters, and a current member of Punch Brothers. No relation to me in kin or talent. We do have the same first name. I suppose that is something.

Duh my bad :blush:

I loved the original line-up of the Scene w/John Starling over any following combos…it’s where their sound came form…check out the “Live at the Cellar Door” recordings…