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Bela Fleck - The First Noel, Oh Come Let Us Adore Him, Joy to the World Banjo

Soooo good.


Crowd noise was just too annoying/distracting for me to listen through it.

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I couldn’t agree more Dave. Here in the UK we LISTEN to the performance then EXPRESS OUR APPRECIATION.

We pay to listen to the performer not the crowd, anyone who is disruptive is usually asked to be quiet or leave. Check this out and you’ll see what I mean.

Be interesting to hear what Bela and Abigail think of UK audiences

Bela’s pretty phenomenal. I like the “Jesu, joy of man’s desiring”… compared to guitar, that looks like a tough one to do on banjo. On guitar, you just camp out in first position, where he had to jump up and down to get the walking bass lines and arpeggios. Good stuff!

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@Mark_Rocka sound great to me, I like it!

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Just sayin’…


Sweet! Looking forward to your review.

I had to sell the Bela Fleck concert tickets :frowning: