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Beginner Guitar Checklist

Hey Ben,
I’m currently working my way through your Beginner’s Guitar Checklist, and have reached the Amazing Grace lesson. My question is twofold. First, are the lessons laid out in such a way that it is better to do them in order as listed or can you skip around? Second, I’ve been working on the Amazing Grace lesson for about three weeks and am making good progress, but in no way have I perfected my playing of the song. I’m beginning to get a little bored practicing this same song and would like to start work on the next song as shown. In your opinion is this advisable, or should I stay with Amazing Grace and master it before moving on?

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Go for it! Start something new. Just keep working Amazing Grace as well, it is worth it!


I agree with @Mike_R It’s time to take on a new challenge but keep revisiting Amazing Grace at least once a week.

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Thanks. I was hoping someone would say that…

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Thanks for the response Archie. I look forward to having something new in my daily practice.

I always try to memorise what I’m working on before moving on to the next thing. That way I can go back over it, without having to break out the tabs, any time I need a break from what I’m currently reading & trying to get memorised…

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For whatever it’s worth, I agree with @Mike_R & @Archie. Been working my way through the checklists for just over a year, and still go back and polish up on several of my favorites like Amazing Grace on a regular basis.

Personally I’m probably more worried about checking off the boxes than I should, but it does help me keep track since there are so many lessons available. I’m working on banjo and once I started looking more closely at the intermediate lessons, came to realize the actual song lessons are actually organized alphabetically (not always in skill-building sequence) to help us all easily find things again. This realization was a bit liberating for me and have begun do work on some things out of check-box sequence at times based on my interests.

Have fun & happy pickin’!

I’m at that point with Amazing Grace. I have memorized the tabs, I’m just not where I need to be in playing it without error. I think I might begin learning another song now. Thanks for the comeback.

Thanks for that info.

Sure, you can skip around! Have fun! The guitar beginner learning track is getting an overhaul this fall that will cause it to be more sequential, but I encourage you to explore.

Nope, get it under your fingers then keep going!