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Beginner, after 2 years of playing

I started playing banjo 2 years ago, and jumped from 1 instructor and course to another…thereby learning in a somewhat ‘willy nilly’ way( that’s a technical term). I can play most of the rolls and left hand techniques, a few simple songs-but something was definately missing. I had heard good things about Banjo Ben, and his course, and decided to join last week, as a Gold Pick member. I’m so happy I did. After looking through the extensive website, I decided to start over as a beginner. Even tho I’ve been playing for 2 years, I’ve discovered funamental mechanics, and theories I never knew about. Ben lays everything out in such an organized, fun and easy to understand fashion - he makes it enjoyable…altho it can still get frustrating!
There is a caboose to this train of thought…I’ve printed out a number of PDFs - Boil dem cabbage
( using the different rolls and starting fingers), worried man blues (forward/reverse roll), square mixed roll ( I had NO idea there were so many combinations !)- even Intro to Melodics, in hopes I could somehow learn that awesome Dixie Doodle tune.
My question is this- since I have been playing for a while and am familiar with alot of the basics… should I practice ALL of them until I feel comfortable or stick with one at a time before I move on to the next challenge? So much to learn… but I’m having a blast… and I intend to stay @ Banjo Ben!
Thanks Ben


I’m sure honored to have you on board and appreciate your kind words! You don’t have to have each one perfected before moving on. But, I do recommend you continue as you are and be exposed to all the material so that it will be clear if I cover something you have never considered.

Hi Chuck,

Welcome to Ben’s Forum. Like you I tried lots of different teaching methods before striking GOLD with Banjo Ben. From one student to another I would encourage you to work though the beginners track even though you may know much of what is in that section there are lot’s of little treasures tucked away in those lessons and it’s always added valuable to revisit the fundamentals. It will also prepare you for what you will go on to study in the Intermediate and Advanced sections. As Ben says “You don’t have to have each one perfected before moving on.” but if you don’t have a decent grasp of certain basic elements you will find your constantly having to jump back and forth and that can be frustrating.

I see from your post your working from PDF files so I am guessing you have yet to discover TablEdit / TefView. May I suggest you take a moment or two to checkout my post in the link below. Happy Pickin

Welcome Chuck! I’m a noob Gold Pick Member myself and couldn’t agree more. What I find myself doing is playing all those basic songs each and every time I play. I use them as a sort of “warm up” since they’re all the fundamentals anyway! So each time I play, they get better and better as my repertoire grows.