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Beautiful Bishline Blonde Autumn!

After a wild saga of selling my dad’s house, it was finally time for a new banjo day!

After perusing Rob Bishline’s website, I fell in love with the Blonde Autumn. I emailed Rob, and he told me that was the only model he had in his shop!! Someone ordered it and had to back out last minute.

I took a trip up to Tulsa on Monday, and spent the day hanging with Rob. We talked banjos, music, and life in general. What a great guy! He even added the banner inlay commemorating my dad, “Papa Root.” He swapped out the renaissance head that was on there for a frosted, threw on a Kershner tailpiece, and installed an 8th fret spike. All while I hung out at his shop!

We then picked some tunes, and I headed home. WOW do I love this banjo!!

Curly maple rim/resonator/neck, mahogany binding, mother of pearl/mahogany inlay
Veined copper flange (!)
Gotoh tuners
Bishline “Special Reserve” tone ring/rim
Head tensioned to somewhere between G#/A

Just set the Dotson 5/8" bridge I received from Banjo Ben today!


Rob is just such a sweet, generous guy-- worth a visit to Tulsa just to meet him! I’m now a Bishline Believer.

Unfortunately, my video was too big too upload here, so anyone interested in hearing how it sounds can check it out here


That sure is a purty looking banjo and it sure sounds amazing too Julian.

Rob is a true artist

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Alright, man I’m so happy for you! What a great banjo!

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Beautiful instrument. Nice tone too!

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