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Beamont rag

My whole out look is to not be discouraged no matter what . and what makes me feel better is when I get a phrase down like it should be . Music is like poetry and when you recite it correctly and maintain the proper phrasing poetry sounds good, same with music but instead of words we do it with notes. plunk ! there fixed it

That was great welder! I actually laughed out loud. A merry heart is like medicine for the soul.

Proof read Kenny proof read Plunk not Punk dang it I always do something dumb PLUNK !

I thought it was a Clint Eastwood type of thing. Punk!

One of my famous misspellings .

Found out that doing the back to this is as much fun as doing the tune . LOL . Back up is an art all to it’'s self and I think I do a nice job on this one, many baffle me and I have a hard time getting the syncopation in this thick head of mine. I even get the stop part and it works out well . any way have fun doing what you like no matter what it is /