Battle Cry of Freedom


Got a request for @BanjoBen. Listen to this link. If any of you have never heard of the 2nd Carolina you are missing out!


Nice. I sure like the sound of that banjo.


Supposedly very “authentic” civil war era music…but I highly doubt anyone was picking banjo like that back then…


Do I detect an Irish accent in the lead singer…


haha what kind of music is this? sounds simple yet catchy.
sounds a bit like the dubliners or some.
cant stop tapping my foot to there song “zip coon”. :slight_smile:


This is 19th Century Minstrel music. Its great stuff. It does have what today would be some racially insensitive references. It was a part of the music of the time.

This Battle Cry is def influenced by modern banjo but great none the less.



Love it.


Sorry if this song offends you being from Texas and all. You reb. :slight_smile:


Where I’m from, anything north of the Red River was yankee territory. Hahaha.


Ky is that way. Anything north of Lexington is Yankee land.


These crazy Montana people have their heads so deep in the woods that they don’t even know what a yankee is :laughing:


Grandparents are from France so guess I’m neither Rebel nor Yankee. The French never surrender !!! (Unless asked to in a stern manner)