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Bass TAB Template Request

Any you guys out there Bass Players?

I am looking for a Bass TAB Template showing all the Root and Offbeat notes in all chords major, minor and sevenths. In TablEdit .tef format.

or can recommend website that can teach me these basic positions.

Hi Archie,
That is what I are…

Not sure what you’re asking by “offbeat notes” …a normal simple bass line is I and V notes. The V doesn’t change in M, m, or 7th chords…but may be played above or below the I depending on position and what sound you’re looking for.

Bass will finger the same as a standard tuned guitar on the four lower sounding strings. guitar tabs would also show relatively the same fingerings for scales , arpeggios, etc…

Hi Dave

Offbeat = V note - Yes that’s what I meant I wasn’t sure what to call it

I don’t play guitar so I am lost on that too…

What I am trying to do is build a library of Bass Rhythm Patterns in TablEdit format (of ALL Chords likely to occur in Bluegrass) that I can copy and paste into my banjo arrangements to help me with my timing. I have made a start but my knowledge of the Bass is zero and would welcome any advice you can offer.

If you have TablEdit or TefVeiw I can post what I have here to give you a better idea of what I am trying to achieve.

go ahead and do that Archie.

Let’s see what you’ve got, and I’ll help you out with the rest.

Bass Note Template.tef (534 Bytes)

Here we go,

There are some problems with E and F chords have to change computers to fix and save them .

If you want, I can make you a tab that’s that might work better for you… just take me a little bit.

Also…when going to a V chord it is better to repeat the one of the chord you’re in rather than hit the V…I’ll include those measures for you if you like

Brilliant Dave thanks much appreciated.

Like I said I know zero about the bass so it comes as no surprise that you found problems.

The other thing I was trying to figure out was bass runs. Any advice on that would be :sunglasses:

here is I, V patterns fixed

As mentioned before, when you go to the V chord, I suggest editing the last note of the root measure to a I…

Bass Note Template.tef (588 Bytes)

2 measure I to IV ascending bass runs…
you can squish them into one measure if you want a faster run.
I only resolved the first one into the IV

These can also be used to get from the V to the I

I to IV Ascending Bass Runs.tef (599 Bytes)

Thanks Dave

Not sure what you mean when you say “when you go to the V chord, I suggest editing the last note of the root measure to a I…” Do I place two Root Notes in the measure in place of the I – V " ?

example: key of G

playing two measures of G chord and then a measure of D chord

first measure would be a G and D notes
second would be two G notes
third (D) would be D note & A note

This helps to make the chord change stand out better, otherwise it sounds as if the bass is hitting the next chord early…

Right with you , I think. I’ll keep a note of that for future reference.

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Auld age

Thanks Dave this will make a huge difference to my timing. for sure :sunglasses:

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You’re welcome.

Here is another.

I can’t seem to change the title…these are I to IV changes not I to V

These can also be used for V to I changes and usually fit better in that use than the ascending runs.

two measure descending I to IV Bass runs.tef (683 Bytes)

Hi Dave

Thanks got it. Possible reason you cant rename the file is it’s still open in TablEdit. I just saved it and renamed it.

maybe…I Tried “save as” three times…it worked on the file name but kept the wrong title on the page…

I wanted to get a couple more pages done for you but have quite a headache so shut it down for tonight.

You should have a good start of stuff to play with though.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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The cool thing about bass is that if you learn 2 positions (either strings side by side or strings 2 frets apart) you can literally play bass to any song.

The first time I ever played a bass was on stage in my church for Sunday night service. I knew the concepts, so I figured “it can’t be that hard.” Turns out I was right. No one had any idea I’d never played bass before. :slight_smile:

I think you’ll enjoy playing bass, Archie. Any good group jam needs a bass player.


yep, just like banjo…roll with the right hand and bar different frets for new chord positions with the left and ‘you can literally play banjo to any song’ …you’re a banjo player! :sunglasses:

of course “player” comes in many different levels…:wink:

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I am scraping the barrel, Oh that reminds me time for a wee tot of rum. :rofl: