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Banjo Wall Mount

Hi All

I’m not sure if this topic has been covered or not but i would like to know peoples opinions on a wall holder for a heavy resonator banjo… is it safe to do it


Opinions about hanging instruments on the wall usually fall into one of two camps…

  1. Instruments kept in a case get played less. Instruments that are easy to grab are played more often. Hanging them on the wall makes them convenient to play. Also, I like looking at them. They are beautiful.
  2. Instruments not in a case or in your hand will get destroyed. A kid will knock it over. Or you can’t properly control the environmental conditions and it will get too dry or too humid or have the sun shine on it. Or any number of other natural or man-made disasters will befall it. If you truly love and value your instrument you will keep it as safe as possible and keep it in the case. To do less is instrument neglect.

In the end, the correct answer is a personal one. It is hard to argue that a case isn’t safer than a wall hanger. But it is also a shame to keep tools of joy locked in a box and less likely to be played. You have to determine your own cost/benefit ratio.

One thing both camps agree on is that if you hang it on the wall find a quality hanger and solid wall stud. That is especially relevant for a heavy resonator.

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Thanks for that and I more concerned about the weight on the banjo neck more than anything when using a wall mount

One thing for sure is it will get played either in the case or on the wall :grinning:

My Fender has been on a Hercules stand for eight years, supported at the peghead with a spring closer clamp. The stand is tilted back slightly and the resonator rests on the two forward legs which are covered with a foam rubber tubing. Last year I replaced the stand because the plastic height adjustable clip broke. No damage to my banjo in all those years.

My Stelling is kept in it case when not in use.

I have never used a wall or table mount. Personally I just don’t feel a wall mount is the right way to store a valuable instrument. Other are sure to disagree but I can live with that.

Hi @Archie

Thanks for that pal I understand the issue with a wall mount and especially the weight on such a thin neck just want to see what others are doing


I remember years ago John Boulding a luthier over on the BHO saying that he had seen more instruments damaged at the neck from hanging on stands. To a similar question.

The consensus seemed to like the wall mount idea

In his footnote he went on to say “I leave it up to you to decide which advice to follow”

His words left a lasting mark on my memory. I all I could see in my minds eye was wall mount fittings working there way loose over time and banjos crashing on the floor in the middle of the night with all the consequences that follow

@LG1, not sure if I would trust a wall mount unless it was one that was just going to hang for decorations. I have my RK on a guitar stand from Guitar center, but I also live alone with only me to worry about it being damaged or knocked over. Also, i am having my new banjo built, so I will be extra careful with it when i get it for sure. I have never had any issues with my current stand. just have to pay attention when putting it on the stand and be sure it is secured in place.

I used wall mounts for instruments typically less heavy than a banjo (although I do hang some heavy electrics like a PBass up sometimes). I do not use (or trust) the drywall anchors. I find a stud and shoot screws into it. Never had a problem, but who knows, maybe I have just been lucky.

BTW, I don’t mind leaving instruments on a wall mount, but I only use stands for very temporary holding. The most recent victim I saw to a stand was a hollowbody electric that got knocked over (I think it was blamed on the dog). It snapped the headstock off.

Cool! I know John well. (Lives about 20 minutes from me). Did a flawless job replacing some tuners for me.

Ok thanks guy and i think i will by a floor stand to hold it


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My friend has his mounted up on a wall hanger (by the neck). He’s never had an issue but his banjo seems to be a little lighter to me than mine (probably doesn’t have a solid metal tone ring). For me: I’d say if you can hit a stud with the hanger then it’s not going anywhere. But if you are just in drywall maybe if you get really good drywall screws/hangers it wouldn’t be a problem. (they should have their weight rating on them).

If you do get a floor stand, don’t get a guitar stand with three feet. These feel very unstable to me with a heavy resonator banjo. I have A frame stands and my banjos sit in hook like supports that hold the instrument solidly in place.

Hi Ted, My Hercules banjo/guitar stand has three legs and I have found it to be very stable. Other stands may be less sturdy.

ok thanks for the advice gents…

I have a Washburn B19 and that sucker is one heavy mamma-jamma. It’s been on a wall mount for 3 years with no problems. I just made sure I screwed it into a stud.

I would especially make sure the banjo is not hanging from the tuners. I do hang my banjo from a Hercules wall mount sometimes but the weight is on the headstock, not the tuners.

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I use this mount.

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Hi Ben

Thanks for that and not sure which to go for as the one i have for guitar works well when the banjo is placed in it, but just worried about the weight on the neck


Cheers looks great… will see if i can get one here in the UK