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Banjo strings

The original strings that can with my banjo lasted a few months. Then I replaced them with another deering set thinking they last and play the same. However, it has only been about a month and they feel gritty. Anyone else have that happen? I play about an hour every day. I would have thought they would last longer or at least close to the same as originals.

Are they coated? If they feel gritty, try wiping them with a microfiber cloth and washing your hands before you play. That may help some

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Doesn’t look like they are coated.
I probably will put on medium next time. I might buy some GHS also since a lot of people seem to like them.

I recommend the GHS PF135:

A month of playing an hour per day is a long life for strings, in my opinion. You can wipe them down as D says.

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I prefer the ghs 185’s myself but that’s just me. Though for some reason over her in the UK it’s getting more difficult to purchase them. (scratches head)
How often should we change strings? @BanjoBen
I used to change mine about once a month but then someone on another forum which will remain nameless, said I was crazy and unless I was a pro player gigging I should only need to change them about every 6 months.
Now I’m not so sure as they can lose tone as well as carbon up. I sometimes use fast fret but probably new strings are better.
How often do you guys change strings?

Whenever I break one. Strings ain’t easy to come by in Africa

Load up while you’re here. :slight_smile:



You still using GHS 185?

Thanks for that. Yes, this is where I’ve started ordering from. :+1:

i got some 135 but im wandering if they are a little light

I started off with light strings but as my hands and fingers toughened up I found they bent too easy out of tune. I then moved on to mediums and finally settled on ‘Almost medium’ 185’s.

Everyone’s different, it’s what is comfortable for you. I like the tone of the 185’s for me. :grinning:

ok pal thanks for that i might give a set a try as i’m also finding tuning stability issues with the 135’s