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Banjo strap placement

I have a question about attaching the banjo strap. I have a Lakota leather banjo strap I have attached to my banjo. I notice when I see @BanjoBen and some of the other players on YouTube playing, they seem to have their banjos tilted back at an angle. Mine is not a cradle strap, but what I would like to know, does the small ends of the strap go underneath the “J” hooks and what are the two spots it should be attached( or is it a matter of personal taste and feel). Ive been messing with mine to make it fit better and be more comfortable. I currently have it under the 2nd(second) “J” hook past the neck and the 3rd (third) "J’ hook past the tailpiece. It works, but its really a pain in the…(insert your own adjective here…)

Sounds like you have it hooked in correct. I’ve adjusted mine many times, sitting, standing etc… Just a matter of personal feel I suppose. I had a really nice cradle strap at one time. I let some old knucklehead down in Florida (rip Joe), work on my banjo, he was pretty good at building banjos but didn’t like cradle straps. When I got it back he had cut it and attached it to the hooks! I’m still harboring ill feelings about that, but I really liked ole Joe. Anyways, good luck to you, hope you find the right fit…

That’s not OK. Ol’ Joe would be buying me a new strap.

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I personally am not a big fan of cradle straps because it seems to tilt the top of my banjo outward when I stand because of the strap pressing against the neck heel. I attach my strap to the hook next to the neck on the top, and run the strap beneath an additional hook at times. I run the strap under a couple hooks below the tailpiece as well.

@BanjoBen When doing the lessons i watch to see where your fingers move to and which ones you use and i can see where you attach your banjo strap. My other question is, i would have to loosen or remove the resonator in order to attach the strap underneath the hooks, i have tried to just slip it under the hooks, but there doesnt seem to be enough space/. I could try to do those steps and see if it works. THANK YOU ALL for your invaluable input. Y’all are awesome.
@BanjoBen i was wondering have you seen the video of this church does a gospel rendition of " Bohemian Rhapsody" but with hand puppets? i liked it, If its ok, i can(try and) post it on “General chit chat”

Sure, please post! Keep in mind that it’s not a big deal to remove a hook. One hint is to count the revolutions it took to take it off and do the same when putting it back on, but it’s not that big a deal.

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