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Banjo strap location?

I just purchased a new Jameson 5 string banjo and I am new to banjos. I attached the strap to the recommended locations but the neck wants to drop down and I have to hold it up. Can I attach strap up above the nut like I do with my guitar? Thanks Scott


I can’t answer you on that, but I have the exact same issue. I just got used to it. Is yours an open back? Mine is, and I thought it may be due to the lighter body weight.


the specs on Jameson’s site put the entire weight of the instrument at 9.5 lbs.(no tone ring) So it is very light.
The pictures on the site show place to hook the strap as above the heel.

This is a neck-heavy instrument.
using a leather strap with a rough inner side could help some…nylon and smooth leather can slide pretty easily.
Attaching above the heel would mostly help keep it form flipping over face-down…but not much effect on the neck weight