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Banjo Strap in Ben' store

I have several banjo straps that work just fine. The are the longer, behind the the neck type that support on the left shoulder, neck side of the banjo. These are great for standing , however, I am looking for the shorter, over the right shoulder type strap that a lot of the old timers, like Earl used. I want to use this as my seated practice strap that doesn’t have to go over my head , but simply slides off my shoulder when I want to set the banjo down. Does the store have these types of straps or can you recommend one?

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I think you’re looking for something like the Huber strap. I use the Harrison strap, and it’s very well made and used by many top players. I think both will do great over one shoulder.

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Love the Lakota Leathers straps they have. I like them so much, it’s the only strap I’ll use on banjo or guitar.

Very adjustable, very comfortable, very strong. Very good.


Can you do both shoulder or around the neck with these straps?