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Banjo Speed Training?

Any good tips that have helped you folks get “faster and more fluid” with banjo- of course I do know with everyone its different some may have nimbler fingers than others , there are times I feel I am making good progress then I listen to Ben’s rendition and am like, man… I am only 50% of the way there! Even after I have practiced (Cripple Creek) for a year now.

I don’t claim to have a whole lot of speed, but here are some thoughts.

  • Practice with metronome, keeping the speed of it to where your playing is good and clean. Don’t raise the speed before whatever you’re playing is really clean.

  • Good curl on the fingers.

  • Make sure the neck is not resting on the side of your palm.

  • Good thumb pressure on the back of the neck.

  • Anchor your finger or fingers in whatever way is most comfortable. (Some will take issue with that).

Hope that is useful.


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@shirecommercial, please consider posting a video of your right hand while playing. I may be able to point some things out that will get you going pretty quick!