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Banjo solo - last train to kitty hawk

i was listen to balsam range - last train to kitty hawk.
and that solo sounded cool. is it some here that can decode that music language for me?
maybe mark if you have spare time :smiley:
iguess ben has enough to think aboute

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It is a great learning experience to try doing this on your own. And it is a skill you will want to build as you proceed as a musician.

It’s not easy at first, and is usually quite time consuming, but the rewards are very plentiful, and it only gets easier as you do it more.

I love transcribing things from recordings…I learn a lot from every project I tackle…

I’m sure that if you put in some kind of effort of your own, you would get far more out of the experience, as well as more offers to help you finish the project, rather than asking others to do all the work for you.


Take a stab at it and I’ll try to help as I can! Post a video link here and a tab file and we’ll see what we can get going.