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Banjo Quandry Update

The quandry between the Huber and the Deering is over. I went with the Huber and it ships tomorrow.

I feel pretty good. Huber Workhorse. About a year old played for one gig and I got it for $2,000 and that included shipping, plus he does offer a return policy. It’s perfect for me. Not a lot of fancy flash but hopefully a good, solid instrument that will last me for whatever years I might have left.

Here’s the link


Congrats! Enjoy for many, MANY tunes and Ben lessons to come

Where is the jealous button when you need it?:drooling_face: close enough.

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Trust, if you heard my playing you would not be jealous. There is a psychological element to this for me as well. Making a major investment like will help to keep me focused on getting my monies worth out of it and forcing me to keep at it, even on those days when I’m playing like a wet rope. Know what I mean?


I do know what you mean. I have had interests in hobbies fade before with a closet full of expensive toys rotting in a closet. Having kids definitely changes how you can spend your time. Especially free time. I am currently fond of drowning out the tv in the living room with some banjo practice.
I started with a Gold Tone openback 6 months ago telling myself if I were still excited in one year I would up the investment in instruments. I picked up an 1970’s Aria 5string with resonator this weekend for $350. They thought the open back was loud. I need new fillings after rolling some BanjoBen back up on that thing for an hour. :hear_no_evil: A new toy can renew your enthusiasm. Let the workhorse out of the stables!


If you saw my facebook and instagram photo you’d see a good looking cool banjo like you got is important. I don’t play well but I sure look good! lol

Congrats. Awesome buy.

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Congratulations. Enjoy!