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Banjo purchase

Hi all. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts of the Dean backwoods pro 2 banjo. I’m thinking of purchasing it. I have a Deering good time 2.
Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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I cannot offer you a suggestion but I can warmly welcome you to the forum.

I would suggest you call @Jake at Banjo Ben’s store as I am sure he can provide you some great advice.

He is knowledgeable and very helpful.

Good luck - and visit here often!

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I’m not familiar with them but I second @WillCoop’s recommendation to give us a call down at the store…we’ll shoot you straight on the best thing to do for your budget and desires: 1-833-226-5623

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Hey Ginter! Welcome to the board!

I don’t know anything about that banjo, but I just looked it up and it appears they can be bought for $400. Given the price, I’d sure think your GoodTime 2 is at least as good as the Backwoods Pro 2.

I’d highly recommend finding one to play before spending your money. Banjos are an area where you almost always get what you pay for.


Thanks for the replies. Sorry I haven’t returned sooner. Been a bit under the weather. I have a good time banjo and I’m pleased for now. Thanks again

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