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Hi Y’All

What would be a must for a live banjo setup…

Ive just ordered a Fishman Rare Earth Pickup as advised by Ben but need to know if i need anything in the line of effects i.e Delay Pedal, reverb or Pre Amp etc


I can tell you what I run. Yes, I recommend a pre-amp and some sort of EQ. I like to combine the two into one pedal, and my favorite is L.R. Baggs. I recommend either the Para Acoustic DI or the Venue. The Venue is more expensive but has some more bells/whistles. I have played many many football stadiums with a Fishman Rare Earth and Para Acoustic DI and it works great.

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Actually, I think I’m a Baggs dealer now…lemme check on that. If so, I’ll give you the forum discount.

Appreciate that Ben but being in the UK it so costly with the customs charges to get things from the States…

Awesome info Ben as usual thanks

Vat too and UK handling charges to recover the VAT a real bummer.

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What if I just sent y’all some “cookies” from “Granny in the US”?

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It depends on whether it’s a gift or not, There is the danger that Customs may seize the cookies and scoff the lot with their cup of tea. But hey I am partial to a cookie especially if Granny baked it in her skillet.

Customs in Australia would definitely seize and destroy them. You are not allowed to import foodstuffs into Oz. Bear that in mind if your ever planning on travelling down under. They have strict laws on taking in plants and any kind of leather goods too. And if you have been anywhere near horses or livestock tell them on arrival. READ ALL CUSTOMS LABELS carefully and make sure you comply. These guy’s are tough sons of B…

The only way it might be viable is if the value of the goods was detailed as very low value say 20 bucks… as would they know the value of a pedal or small goods

Have you ever had my famous pedal cookies? They’re exquisite, though so amazingly inexpensive :rofl::joy: