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Hi Y’all

I’m starting on my live banjo journey and i’ve been tasked to come up with a part for this song which is in D but i’m using the Capo on the 2nd fret and plying in C with the 5th on A as im finding that the tune and chords are better suited to playing as opposed to open D, G, A

Would be great to see a few examples of Ideas for backup and tune etc

Thats me on the keyboard in my Band… Thanks


Hi Lee

I just had a quick look and this is great.

I think playing rolls over the deeper tones of D tuning would suit this tune.

F#, D, F#, A, D
This is referred to as “D” Tuning. Earl Scruggs used this tuning on such songs as “Reuben”. You can also tune the 5th string to an “A” instead of a “F#” and still be in “D” tuning. If you strum the banjo without fretting any strings in this tuning you will be playing a D chord.

Hi Archie

Will defo have a look at that and how do you make the A and G Chords in this tuning?


In D Tuning move everything up one string John Boulding explains it a lot better than I ever could in this two part tutorial

And ofcourse you gotta check out @BanjoBen 's lesson

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Thanks for that will have a look into it…

Here’s a quick attempt, @Lee_G


Ben, you’re hired! Tasty!

That song needs some rolls like bread needs butter. That’s gonna be sweet. That’s good stuff Lee, I like your band!

I like the inversions of the chords you did when talking through it. It gives you a another (lighter) gear to go through in the chorus repeats near the end.

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Wow @Lee_G , that’s a neat tune. I just checked out some other tunes from your band including a lovely Soldier’s Joy and Gentle Man, which I believe you wrote. I really like your music and just subscribed to your Youtube channel. How have you not shared this with us before? You’ve been holding out on us. I also just bought the Anthems In The Wind Album and am listening to that and like it so far.

And that’s why we pay @BanjoBen Ben the big bucks :slight_smile: Nice job Ben

So @BanjoBen It’s things like this that makes you such an awesome teacher. Your simply the BEST man…


Awsome Ben thanks for taking the time :+1:

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Thanks for the kind words and yes I did write that song and its a very personal one about my grandad who passed away when I was in my teens

I love writing and being in the band and hopefully add some banjo as well as keys…



Just had a chance to have a quick run through and really appreciate the advice and the content idea its awesome stuff

Your a great teacher and my playing is really coming along

Thank you so much…


A new favorite band! I LOVE Celtic music and that song is brilliant! I love Bury Me Naked also! Oh and The Gentle Man!

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Holy cow! We got a whole lesson in a single reply!


:grinning: mint pal

This is gold dust for backup ideas…


Glad you like the band its something ive been doing as a keyboard player for a long time just need to add some Banjo to the mix now… i’ll get some bluegrass in there some how :grinning: