Banjo Mute


Hey All,

I was looking at buying a $40 banjo mute and decided to try to look for alternative around the house. Happened upon these make up sponges in the bathroom. Seem to do the trick. Just wanted to share this in case you want to quiet down at about $39 less than the banjo mute price. I’ll include a pic for visuabanjo mute 2l.


Great Idea. In my house my banjo mute is cheaper than a lawyer…if you know what I mean.


That’s a great idea! To be honest, I don’t like the 40 dollar banjo mutes that press the string down on your bridge. I think they eventually ruin the tone of your bridge. I think your idea is much better with the sponge!


I have the Gold Tone Ultimate Banjo Mute that is priced for just $15. It works OK but is extremely easy to use… just slide over strings and - done.

Additionally, I also roll up some (Clean :joy: ) socks to place behind the rod on my Hollowback. It acts as a sort of make-shift dampener as it deadens the head.

Gold Tone Ultimate Banjo Mute


The towel behind an open back would def be the easy solution.


I’ve never used one. I just know that my spending on banjo and banjo related accessories has to have a limit.


In the video review I did of Mike’s Banjo Mute, I had a towel stuffed into the back of my banjo. The mute still cut it down dramatically.


Will, you mean over the bridge and not the strings, right?



Well, don’t I feel silly…

I have slid it over strings - in the fashion of a string dampener.

Thanks for the illustration! I will try this method tomorrow!


I’m not laughing … :joy::joy::joy: Sorry. Glad I could help! Lemme know how you like it. Mine works great. On the bridge. (Snicker)


Have you since tried it as a dampener? I probably isn’t AS effective - but it does work!


You can laugh… cuz I AM a newbie…


Brother, I’m way newbier! LOL… all in good fun!

A quiet banjo

It works… It REALLY WORKS… :roll_eyes::smirk:


LOL… Awesome!


Bob… are you now going to convince me that you put your picks on you right hand RING and PINKY fingers? Lol


:rofl::rofl: Wait a minute… but there were 4 in the pack!



OMG… you mean to suggest… I need one for every FINGER now?



1 string per finger? That’s brilliant!


ha…you guys are cracking me up…!