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Banjo information

Sorry bout all the questions. Looking to see if anyone knows anything about the banjo i have. I got it in a trade for a guitar about a year ago. Finally took the leap to start learning. I know its not a quality banjo, but some kind of asian knockoff. But beyaond that i cant find any info.


Have you posted anything about you banjo elsewhere? I don’t see any pictures or info to go on here.


Heres a link to slide ahow on youtube . Best i can do for pics as they are too large to upload.

Yeah, that’s a constant problem with the board. I’ve found a good way to upload is to take the pics with my phone, then email them to myself. When I hit Send, the email app asks if I want to reduce the image size, so I pick a smaller size.

The files that come in the email usually upload just fine.


Hi @Fred1

Did a Google Search and found a couple of ads for second hand Matador 5 String Banjo’s valued around $60.00. As with most Asian Built Banjo’s there’s not a lot of info recorded. But I did find this website that discusses entry level Asian Banjo’s.

Over here in my neck of the woods most music shops only stock Asian banjos so not much to choose from. My first banjo was a bottle top Redwood. Let me just say that ALL Asian built banjos are not poor quality. My Fender FB 58 was built in China and after 10 years of hard practice it’s still going strong. I have changed the head and the strings a few times over the years and I re fretted it with stainless steel fret wire. It still looks pretty sharp and I think it’s good for another 10 years of pickin,


Goldtones are asian built