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Banjo I Don't Need and Can't Play

Someone has this posted on my local Craigslist.

Banjo friends - Is this a good deal or a so-so deal? I don’t really have a reason to buy it. I am an average guitar player and have a new mandolin that I can barely play. I don’t really need another instrument that I can’t play. On the other hand; banjos be awesome. Looking for some knowledgeable insight.

Gold Tone BG 250 banjo - $450

“Selling my gold tone banjo that is about 11 years old but played very little. Comes with case and fishman rare earth pickup installed”



It’s just over 1/2 what new ones are going for not counting the pickup which is another ~$200 new.

With no flange it’s kind of an odd duck as resonator models go…I’m guessing resale market would be mighty small.

Dang! I thought you were talking about one you already had, and wanted to give away :slightly_frowning_face:

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Thanks for the reply @fiddle_wood. Can you expand on the no flange comment? I thought the flange was the metal hubcap looking thing that surrounds the head. Is that not what I’m seeing in the photo?

I think it’s just a bad picture. I did a search for this model and they all appear to have flanges. You can kinda make out the flange in the first picture in the first post.

It seems to be a pretty good deal to me, especially with the addition of the pickup. Guitar Center has a used one for $500 with no pickup.

If it sounds and plays decent, probably worth it.

From "The flangeless design lets you pop off the resonator (and the mounting brackets, too!) giving you a loud, clear openback banjo…"

Their model BG 250F is the model with an actual fixed flange.

Well I stand corrected. :slight_smile:

Chris, with a hard shell case, and a fishman pickup you may be on to something. Just my humble opinion. :smile:

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