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Banjo heads

What’s your favouret banjo head? Do you use a coated top or smooth top, coated underneath? Or maybe a clear? Any particular brand? Just interested to know if anyone uses brands other than weather king remo.
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@Jono My newest banjo (Bishline Harvest) has the Renaissance head on it and it has some ring and sustain to it, I like it allot. My RK has the frosted head.

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I don’t think there’s any one head that’s my favorite. It really depends on the banjo itself. My RB-800 has a frosted head while my GoldStar Archtop has a smooth head. Just like drums, a banjo needs to be properly matched to the head that produces the sound you want.

I know that’s not very helpful, but it really is a tough question to answer.

Yes, that’s true Mark. I was wondering if the smooth top heads are a bit slippery or are they just as easy to anchor on? Some people say they are a bit crisper in tone, but there again, it probably depends on what make of banjo they are fitted too. I have no idea myself.
My goldstar originally had a 5 star head on it, but it was worn out so had to replace it. Don’t think you can get 5 star heads now, not sure?

I haven’t bought a head in years. I just did some searching and it seems you’re right. Something has happened to 5 Star heads. StewMac has 1 kind in stock, but the most common types are all out of stock. The only place I could find 5 Stars was Amazon, but that’s an Elite, which I don’t think is the same thing.

I can’t even seem to find any info on what happened to them. :frowning:

Maybe somebody left a bad review and now they’re 4 Star heads…


Looking around, seems as if 5 star were a branded version made by Ludwig who had some problems with crown height being inaccurate in the past but now no longer make banjo heads at all. This was a report back in 2016. So as they seem absent from the market I would say that confirms they discontinued manufacture. :roll_eyes:

I’ve just barely begun experimenting with banjo set up. Thus far I have learned that although the medium crown Huber head sounded fine on my banjo, the previously replaced high crown head had a certain feel to it that I preferred. And since I could not find a high crown Huber head, I ordered an American Made Banjo Head (by the company of the same name). The action on my Goldstar is back and so far, I am liking the sound too.