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Banjo D-Tuners

Hey Ben - Since I just searched for a lesson or forum discussion on banjo d-tuners with no resulting hits, I have a request. Will you please do a lesson on explaining the theory (which notes to set 2nd and 3rd strings to, ) and using them (how to install, how to set the tuners at target notes, keeping them in tune)? And maybe have Jake demo the types/brands of d-tuners carried in the general store. I have also googled the web for these topics with no satisfactory results. Y’all have a great camp. Wish I could attend. I would love to have instruction from the Purple Hulls on Mando and Banjo.


I like it. Up-vote!


That’s a great request and I’ll get to work on that! Admittedly, I haven’t used the tuners much. I did years ago but not much in the last 10 years, so it would take some practice for me to get back in shape. But, I think your requests are great ones and need to be done!