Banjo Camp


I was planning on going to this Midwest Banjo Camp, but can’t make it now. Kinda bummed about it. Has any one gone to a camp like this before?



Let’s have one here at the house! When do y’all want it to be?


I’m thinking some time in the fall when it’s cool enough that we can all sit outside. Maybe get a nice fire going, some s’mores and hot dogs, and just pick all day. Man that would be fun!!!


I’d love to go someday. Great looking event.


Heck yeah!


Can we camp out in your yard like it was Grey Fox.


Of course! I also have a pistol range :wink:


Forget the hot dogs. We can shoot Ben’s squirrels and roast 'em over the fire. That is, if his daughters haven’t cleaned the trees out first…


I’m not in favor of being schooled by some 6 year old.


I’ll make up some T-shirts for the Camp. Not sure what to put on them.

“!st Annual Banjo Ben Camp”
“Banjo Playin Squirrel Hunting Club”
“Banjos, Bullets, and Beer…What could possibly go wrong ?” probably not that one.

Any other ideas ?


Throw another B in there for BBQ :slight_smile:


Ok…shirts are done.



Hey Ben, if you’re serious about this Banjo camp thing, you think you could work up a lesson list for each instrument that you think would be best for us to work on between now and then? That way we are all working toward something similar and will have songs we can play together right away.


Yeah, my plan would be to have a corral of songs that everyone is on the same page with.


This sounds like a lot of fun! Depending on timing and work, I’d like to attend. I did a quick check and trout fishing is supposed to be pretty good in Tennessee.


There is banjo camp at Prince Edward Country Here in Ontario on July 1 st That’s Canada Day ***But would love to go to banjo camp and camp out in the back yard of the Clark residence


Lookin’ Good Gents… but hey… don’t forget our Guitar and Mandolin brethren on the shirts!

Could you make the Banjo and Guitar form a “X” cross-necked… then, impose the smaller, upright “F-Style” Mando on top? To do that, the “x” of the two would have to be very wide to made room for the Mando’s body.

That would look awesome!


Several friends and ex bandmates of mine have taught or been guest musicians at the Midwest camp, and I know many who have attended there…I hear nothing but praise about it, but have never had the pleasure of attending myself.


How close is this event to Windsor or Sarnia?


I’m up for this fall. Suggest a date.