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Banjo Camp, Mandolin study material

Maybe this question has been asked before, but I searched and couldn’t find the answer so I’m posting here. I couldn’t get in the banjo camp, so I got in the mandolin section (April) and I really need to make sure I’m up to speed for the camp; so I’m wondering when the Mandolin syllabus is going to be posted. Is it going to be posted here or will we get an email. @BanjoBen

Thanks; Steve


I got a preliminary list over to Ben for approval. As soon as he goes through it and picks out the lessons he thinks will fit with the camp, he’ll either let me know or post it up here.

He’s out of pocket this week running some supplies down to Jake at the Store, so it may not be this week. I’m in the same boat. Not doing banjo this time, either, so I really need to get practicing on my mando.


Thank you!