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Banjo Ben's Inaugural Cabin Camp, March 28-30, 2019!

It’s open for registration, folks! Spots are limited to 10 for each instrument! Post any questions to this thread below.


FYI, I’m going to let this be forum-only till around Christmas, then I’ll open it up. I want y’all to have the first shot at registration.


Hey @BanjoBen, I just signed up and I’m excited and looking forward to it, but I’m also scared to death of playing in front of others and even more so of being in front of a camera so this ought to be interesting. It’s hard to pass up the opportunity though to learn from from you and your sisters and @Jake in person so I’m just diving in.

Do we book rooms directly with the hotel or go through you?

Do you have a list of particular songs and/or skills we need to be prepared for?

Thanks so much for doing this Ben. I hope to meet some other students there as well, especially those I’ve enjoyed talking with on this forum.


Ben is working on a contract with a local hotel, depending on how many people will end up needing a room. Hang tight on that. Ben will let us all know soon.

The songs have been chosen. We’ll be working on a book for everyone to have at the event. I’m not clear on how Ben wants to announce the songs, so I’ll hold off on that for now.

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IN for guit-box! Thanks, @BanjoBen, can’t wait!,

I’m considering shipping my instrument rather than carrying it on a plane from California. Any instrument-shipping companies you might recommend?

Best Christmas gift I’ve ever bought myself!


Hey! Maggie, I’m right with you. Terrified, that is! :anguished: But it’ll be a blast.


Yee Haw!!! I am in!!!
I am really looking forward to attending this camp!!


I have been checking in to the site about 3 times a day since Thanksgiving… I didn’t get to check in Saturday because we had cane syrup making day at my house. So I logged in this morning right before church started from my cell phone (don’t judge) and saw the registration was finally open. My wife gave me the evil look when I told her I had to go out to the vehicle to sign up… and I would be back in a minute!!!


I’m sure The Lord understands. :smile:


Michael, I can bring my spare banjo I keep in my semi if you’d like to use it . If you’re worried about yours being damaged through shipping or air flight.

Ben tells me that if you fly Southwest, they won’t make you check your instrument. He says they have a compartment in the cabin where you can put it instead of the overhead bins.

You can send it FedEx to my house…we’ll take care of that in the registration details in early 2019.

When do you anticipate releasing the songs/ licks that will need to be learned prior to attending camp?

Yes, I talk about it in the video, I believe. I will be sending out the list of songs and the tabs for them by mid-January. Many are songs and solos I have on the site already. Thanks!


Wow, thanks SO much! What a generous offer. I’m focusing on Guitar for the camp, though, but I sure appreciate your offer. Looking forward to meeting you!

Hi Mark, Thanks, I’ll look into that. Look forward to meeting you!

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Thanks, Ben, that’s great. I’ll let you know when I figure it out. Can’t wait!