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Banjo Ben's Inaugural Cabin Camp, March 28-30, 2019!

Yup, not a problem. The offer is open to anybody else that may need it. And it’s not a piece of junk either, it’s new. It’s a Recording King I bought from Ben’s store a couple of months ago.

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That is an incredible offer! Wow! Very kind.

Do keep in mind that part of the camp is a basic set up by Jake, so that may be incentive to bring your own instrument.


You’re all so fortunate to be attending i’m well jealous,. lol but being from the UK it would be a massive financial commitment to come…

Wish you all a good time and maybe one day i will get over to participate.


Signed up for mandolin…will bring banjo and guitar, too. Can’t wait!!


Wish I was good enough to go, but not there yet.
I will be working toward one of your follow-up classes in the future.
Will be fun to watch how the camp goes this year.

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Ben, I just signed up for banjo. Hope you still have a spot. I am very excited about the camp and a spending another day or two in Nashville, haven’t been up there in years. Al

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Hey Al! I don’t think you got signed up, my friend. I don’t see your order. The banjo spots are taken as of now and only a couple left of the other instruments. I do plan to have another camp later in 2019.

Just tried to register and its already sold out (for banjo) :frowning: I sincerely hope that this is something you continue doing and can expand class size. Looking forward to trying again next year.

Just a heads up: as of Friday, Dec 28, at 11AM central, there are 2 mandolin spots and 3 guitar spots left. The banjo spots are gone.

@Larry, yes I will do more of these. I wanted to start small, and I’ll probably keep it small class sizes in the future. However, please submit your name on the product page to receive a notification when they go back in stock. If I have enough of these, I may do another camp soon after this first one.

I’ll keep an eye out for the next offering. That said, are you keeping a ‘wait list’ in case someone has to drop? If so, how can I get my name on that?

Yes, to get on the list, go to the product page here:

Select banjo from the dropdown and enter your name to be notified:

Done…and DONE! Outstanding instructions, Mr. Clark. Very helpful! Hope to see you at the next one!!!

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Yup, I ordered but the banjo spots sold out. Will look for the next camp.

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The Inaugural Cabin Camp is officially sold out…I knew it would go fast, but had no idea it would happen in one day after emailing my students. I am honored, and there are about 6 folks on this side working really hard to make this the best experience you can possibly have!

We have students from 18 states, ranging from California to Colorado to Montana to New Hampshire to Virginia and Florida! It’s also a very diverse group of women, men, young, and old…precisely what I’d hoped for!

Those of you who signed up will be hearing from me the first couple weeks in January about guests, lodging, shirt size, etc., and I’ll be continually following up with material to work on in order to be prepared.

I can’t believe y’all are coming to my house!! My little girls are so excited!!

For those of you who were not able to sign up. First, I’m sorry. I wanted to keep this first camp small for quality control and experience reasons. Honestly, I’ll probably keep all of them small for that very reason. These camps aren’t cheap and I want you leaving feeling like you should have paid more. Second, I’ve had enough interest to know that another camp needs to be held. I have tentative plans to offer another camp in Boise, Idaho, last weekend in August of 2019. And, I have plans to go international in 2020. Finally, in order to be notified for future camps, please go to the camp registration page and submit your email to be notified for when this “product” again becomes available:

Please post any additional questions below! I can’t wait!


Hi @BanjoBen,
SO THRILLED to be a part of the Inaugural Camp! I’m sure it’ll be a huge success and will be a foundation for future Camps!

And of COURSE it sold out. Just like all the rest will.

Not to say that I’m not a little bit intimidated, but will practice hard to make sure that I’m ready to give it my very best. I think this is how Getting Better works!

Michael Compton

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Same here - the minute I saw your email announcing it I knew I’d better just purchase it right away. It is a bit intimidating as I’m still struggling with getting to an “intermediate” level on speed but just signing up for the camp prompted me to go back to your initial basic lessons on pick grip, angle, hand, and speed exercises so that between now and then my speed can be as good as I can get it on my own.

Very much looking forward to working on the “homework” and the entire group experience, as well as meeting the “family”!



@BanjoBen, at a future time would there possibly be a camp further east? Like, say, Pennsylvania or Maryland Area? :grin::grin:

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Or one at my old farmhouse in France?

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Yes, I tentatively plan on having a camp at my house each year, then somewhere else in the States that year as well. This fall the rough plan is to have one in Boise, but next year would be east somewhere. My largest concentration of students is NC so it would make sense to head that direction.

Now we’re talking!


Seriously it would be great. Big house with 6 bedrooms plus cool treehouse that sleeps 2 and 2 vintage caravans. Lots of B and B’s in the area as well. Wine fields, swimming in the loire, s’mores and pickin’ round the campfire. I’ve even got a Weber smoker for making brisket if y’all get homesick!