Banjo Ben's Giveaway - I'm Honoured


I am honoured that @BanjoBen has chosen my B’Day to celebrate the opening of his General Store. He has worked long and hard to realise his dream and with your help and support it will grow and prosper.


Happy early Birthday Archie! I hope you have a great day.


Your turning fifty right? :wink:


I wish @K_G I past that mile stone a long time ago.


Thanks Brandon


Bit to late. but i sure hope you have a good day from start to end.


Happy Birthday! :birthday:


Hi Mats, Your not too late, my B’Day is on Tuesday, It will be a great day, I am looking forward to seeing my daughters and grandchildren it’s been a while since we have all been together.


Thanks Ray


Happy B-Day and many more…


Thanks @WillCoop I stopped counting when I reached 65. I now look on each new day as pretty special and a blessing. Time spent with my daughters and grandkids is extra special since they lead such busy lives, so I snatch moments in time between the texts, tweets and FB when they come to visit. It’s only when we sit down to eat that we get a chance to speak. No phones at the table my wife’s rule not mine.


No phones at table is also the rule at our home!



That’s a real good rule to have!